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Calon Tysul Privacy Notice


How can I contact Calon Tysul about data matters?


Our contact details are:


Calon Tysul

Heol Llyn y Frân





01559 362548


Who is responsible for data protection?


The officer responsible for data matters is:


Matt Adams


Why do you need to process my data?


Data is used for 3 purposes:


1) to ensure that regular pre-agreed payments are collected correctly;

2) to allow you as supporters and customers to keep up with news and developments;

3) to allow Swim School parents to monitor their child(ren)'s progress


All data is held and processed by individual consent.  In some cases, outlined below, that consent is necessary in order for us to provide a service.


Who do you share my data with?


Go Cardless: Our industry accredited Direct Debit collector receives email addresses from us, to allow them to contact you regarding your bank details and set-up your Direct Debit

Swim Wales: Receives limited details regarding children who are members of Swim School, to enable parents to monitor their child's progress.

MailChimp: Our email service provider receives a name and email address to allow us to contact our members and supporters easily.  There is an "unsubscribe" in every email to allow you to withdraw consent at any time.

HMRC:  Receives names and address of Gift Aid donors


Third Party providers.
Where we use third party providers for additional services, they will be responsible for any data that you share with them.
We currently use the following third party providers
Booking system: Bookwhen Ltd: https://bookwhen.com/privacy
Regular payments: GoCardless: https://gocardless.com/privacy/


How long will you keep my data?


We will generally keep your data for 3 years after the end of the period in which you stopped your membership or donation.


Supporters' details are only held in the MailChimp emailing system.


Can I stop you using my data?


Yes, you can withdraw consent at any time for the use and storage of your data.  We will delete all data on request, except where the law says that we must keep it (eg in the case of Gift Aid). 


Deletion of data held may affect how you use Calon Tysul, for instance if you delete membership data.  This will be explained to you at the time of your request.


What if I have a complaint?


If you have any complaints regarding our use of your data, then please contact us.  If you are unsatisfied with our response, or feel that you are unable to contact us first, then you should address your complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office on 0303 123 1113.


What data do you have to have?


By law, we have to keep tax details for 3 years after the end of the relevant tax year.


All other data is voluntary, and may be deleted at your request, but please note that we need payment and identification details for us to process memberships and direct debit donations.  Deletion of this data will necessarily end any membership / donation.


What personal data do you hold?


We only hold restricted data regarding our users.  In most cases this is limited to your name, your postal address and email address.


For Swim School, we also hold the child's name, contact telephone number and necessary medical details.


We do not hold bank details at Calon Tysul - these are held by Go Cardless, a 3rd party, industry accredited Direct Debit processor.

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